Tips for a Stress-Free Christmas


Christmas is fast upon us and can be a stressful time of year for some people. You may have relatives visiting on Christmas day, a bunch of gifts to pick out, a house to clean and food to buy.

If you've been at work all day you may find it hard to get to the shops and purchase Christmas presents or attend end of year celebrations.

So here's my tips on how you can have a stress-free Christmas at home, work and with kids.

Keep calm it’s Christmas 📵

  • Avoid the crowds and finish your Christmas shopping online,

  • If you can, have Christmas at home, it will save you travelling on the road with everyone else on Christmas day.

  • Turn your mobile phone on silent or aircraft mode on Christmas morning so you are not disrupted and you can enjoy opening presents with your family,

  • Enjoy a digital detox over the festive period - while you may be tempted to check your socials or wish everyone a Merry Christmas etc. Spending quality time and being in the moment with family & relatives makes for better memories!

  • Share the load - organising Christmas lunch can be a little stressful not to mention expensive - ask everyone if they would bring a plate of food or help out in the kitchen,

  • Organise a Kris Kringle - if you are on a tight budget or have a huge number of family to buy presents for a Kris Kringle is perfect!

  • Pre-purchase food items during your weekly grocery shop, so you don't have a big grocery shopping bill the day before Christmas!

  • If you have a little one who needs a sleep in the middle of the day, remember to pick your times for family & friends to come and visit.

How to de-stress at work 👏

  • Do your clients know your Christmas hours or closure dates over Christmas? Now is the time to send your clients a letter informing them of when you will be closing and reopening for business, you could include this with a Christmas card or an email thanking them for their support.

  • Don’t forget to post a Christmas message on your website and Facebook page advising your clients of your Christmas hours or dates of closure in case they haven’t read your email,

  • Set an Out of Office message on your email for when you are away from your office over the Christmas period,

  • Create an email signature detailing the dates you are closed of Christmas/New Year so your suppliers and clients know when you will be available,

  • Schedule your social media posts for the time you are closing over Christmas and your first week back, so your not stressing about what to post when you return to the office.

  • Prepare a content calendar with ideas of what you want to post on your social media platforms, blog and website in the new year. If you already have January's content allocated, it will be less stressful for when you return to the office and you will know what content to schedule.

  • If you are a small business owner you may not be able to afford many days off over the Christmas period. Try working flexible hours, so you can attend the festive activities with your family & friends.

Christmas is a wonderful time with kids ✨

Being with small children at Christmas makes for wonderful lasting memories, which you will want to treasure for years to come.

  • Enjoy quality time with the kids and turn off your phone or laptop.

  • When you're at home try and limit any work you do to a time that your kids may be sleeping or enjoying some quiet time, like when they're watching a movie.

  • Try and finish work a little earlier, and make the most of daylight savings by enjoying time together. It could be going for a walk by the river, or for a swim at the local pool. Kids will love spending that time with you!

  • If you usually work in the evenings, try and allocate a night or two to doing some fun evening activities with the family like visiting Christmas lights or attending Christmas carols.

While school holidays can be stressful for some parents, it's also the perfect time to have fun with your kids!

In my home one of our favourite Christmas activities is to watch the Christmas movie “Polar Express” together while sipping on a hot chocolate. We also have some ‘Christmas traditions’ which makes it extra special.

Finally, enjoy the festive season and if you can take some time off and relax, so you feel refreshed for the new year. 😃